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Our territory

Mombaruzzo (AT)

Of ancient Mombaruzzo origin, in the heart of Monferrato, it is a land of fine vineyards and excellent wine production. At the center of a vast hilly plot, in Casalotto di Mombaruzzo d’Asti, there is an ancient eighteenth-century villa.

Here, in 1982, NEIRANO was born. A wine reality of primary importance, capable of combining the best of the peasant tradition with the most advanced production technologies.


Grown on the steep hills of Monferrato, Nebbiolo is the oldest autochthonous red grape variety in Piedmont, considered valuable and suitable for aging wines, thanks to its marked tannins. Its name derives from the word ``Nebbia`` due to the late ripening of the grapes that pushes the harvest to the first autumn fog. Very demanding in terms of soil and microclimate, these grapes are of the highest quality, balanced between color, body and acidity. When the maturation is over, Nebbiolo wines have a perfume with spicy notes of ripe fruit. These are powerful wines that often express their best following a slow aging period.

Pinot Noir

Originally from Burgundy, also in Piedmont it is considered one of the most fascinating and elegant wines in circulation. A vine extremely sensitive to the terroir, it prefers sunny & hilly soils, which allow it to develop the characteristic finesse of aromas. The Pinot Noir vinified in red gives wines of a light ruby red color, not particularly tannic, characterized by fruity, blackberry and raspberry, and floral, rose and violet nuances. A wine that goes perfectly with meat dishes or with aged cheeses.


Cultivated mainly in the areas of Asti and Alessandria since ancient times, this grape has historically been born on the hills of Monferrato.
Used for the vinification of sparkling wines, sparkling and dessert wines, as well as raisin wines, the wine deriving from the Brachetto grape variety has a ruby color tending towards garnet, with a marked scent of strawberry and flowers and a light spicy note.


Obtained from the autochthonous grape variety of the same name - the most common red grape in Piedmont - Barbera is a wine that is appreciated for its high fixed acidity. It is characterized by an intense ruby red color, by fruity hints that become more complex and tending to spiciness in aged productions. Suitable for everyday meals, the current productions of Barbera - both still and lively - give rise to numerous examples of wine excellence.

January. THE REST
A sleep full of life.
The poetry of the earth that is respected and cared for for the new season.

The awakening of the vineyard
The sap goes up along the trunk of the vine, to escape where the pruning has taken place.

Spring Ambassador
The energy of the cold winter is used for the start of the production cycle.

The vine is dressed in splendor
The stalks are loaded with inflorescences; the opening of the flowers and their fertilization develop the new berries

The growth of our fruits
The grape takes shape, the sugar inside it is concentrated, as well as the extractive substances of the pulp.

September. THE HARVEST
The moment of celebration
Wait, understand, listen. Waiting for the right moment to pick the best grapes.

Wood and its scents
Ready to elevate wine towards higher and more ambitious goals in the important phase of aging.

To stay together
Wine adds a smile to friendship and a spark to love

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